Why Blink?

Hear from real Blink customers and discover the peace of mind Blink can bring to your home.


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“Because of Blink, they were able to catch them. The Blink security system alone has given me peace of mind. I’m eternally grateful for what it gave me back.”


“My wife wanted to see my son coming and going because he’s our youngest and she had a very hard time with him going on the bus by himself… giving her the opportunity to have film of him leaving and coming home from school gave her a little bit more peace of mind… It's the best security camera for the price point and for everything you want it to do.”


“It’s just a perfect system. Having an alarm is great but having a camera system is, to me, more important — and not just a camera system but one that I can operate from wherever I am in the world. You can’t buy peace of mind but that’s exactly what you’re buying when you invest in a Blink camera system."


“I'm not a technical person, but I was able to set it up in no time whatsoever... I really believe that if you’re concerned about monitoring you’re home in this day and age, inside or outside, you’re concerned about security… a product like the Blink system cannot be beat.”


“I even remember when somebody took something from my property and I was able to see him… in terms of really having eyes on top of my property, even though I’m all the way in California, that has worked really well. I put up all five cameras by myself. So, I know for a fact that it is that easy!”


“Changed the Course of My Life”

Just two minutes after leaving their home, Monica and her husband got a motion alert from their Blink app. A fire had started in their driveway!We were minutes away from losing our memories, our home, and most concerning, our precious dog babies. Get yourself a camera, folks. Changed the course of my life today." 


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